View More: http://photographybynicolejohnson.pass.us/laurenjohnweddingWelcome to my online home. Here’s where I open the door and invite you inside to meet my literary family: my 15 nonfiction books, 200 magazine articles (many available online here, and the 6 historical mysteries written by my fictional self, Mary Miley. I’ve signed a contract with Severn House to publish my new mystery series set in Chicago during my favorite decade, the 1920s. The first The Mystic’s Accomplice, hit US shelves last June 1; the second, Spirits and Smoke, will be released in ebook on Dec. 1, and in hardcover on January 4, 2022. I’m half-way through writing the third (no title yet). On a personal level, I’m busy at Valley Road Vineyards, helping plant new vines on the acreage we just purchased and working to harvest this fall’s grapes. I’m eager to start traveling again in 2022!

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Cover Reveal for #2

June 26, 2021

My publisher sent the cover design for book #2 in the Mystic’s Accomplice series. I love it–especially the smoky cocktail! The two words in the title, Spirits and Smoke, carry double meanings: spirits refers to liquor and to the spirits of the dead contacted by the mystic; smoke is a feature of her seances but also Prohibition-era slang for deadly methyl alcohol (AKA wood alcohol). What do you think?

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Vanishing Articles Reappear at Last

Colonial Williamsburg recently re-posted on its website the back issues of its national magazine, The Journal, and its more recent iteration, Trends & Traditions. Articles from twenty years ago are available to the general public once again, with accompanying illustrations and other features. Dozens of my own articles are among them. https://research.colonialwilliamsburg.org/foundation/journal/feature2.cfm?fbclid=IwAR0e558V2CB7ZjmebhbiO0Nib-dW8zCaCHCM_WcUClReYve-BYyC3qhPvT8