Museum Store Management


Offering expert advice for every phase of museum store management, this volume is essential reading for anyone planning to open or manage a museum store. Theobald takes the guesswork out of planning and managing the museum store, informing the manager on all relevant topics such as sales tables, profits, licensing, training, product promotion, publications, inventory, merchandise, and trademarks, to name a few. The second edition contains an additional chapter on merchandising, updated statistics, POS information, more illustrations and examples, additional advice on Related/Unrelated products concerning the IRS, and information on vendors and other resources.


$31.95 softbound






A Note from Me

Every museum needs a copy of this book for its store manager and museum director. But make sure you get the Second edition, the one with the red cover pictured above. Some places are still selling the old blue cover that is very much out of date.

Reviews and Blurbs

“. . . a tremendous amount of useful information in a concise and friendly form. I do not think that anyone who reads this book and uses the information properly could NOT have a successful museum store.” –May Reed, store manager, Museum of the Confederacy


“. . .. This book fills a real void in museum professional literature.” –Doug Harvey, Director, Lynchburg Museum System