Williamsburg Christmas

Candles flicker in the windows and brightly colored fruits encircle a fragrant evergreen wreath. Boughs of holly deck tables, banisters, and doorways, and ivy tendrils drape the fireplace mantel. An apple pyramid crowned with a pineapple presides over the Christmas feast. Such familiar yet distinctive images of a traditional Colonial Williamsburg Christmas have become cherished staples of American culture. This lavishly illustrated book celebrates Colonial Williamsburg’s decorating style as it explored the evolution of Christmas decoration in the historic town from the eighteenth century to the present.


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With more than 100 specially commissioned full-color photographs as well as period prints, Williamsburg Christmas brings to life the beauty and elegance of a distinctive decorating tradition.

A Note from Me

My co-author, Libbey Oliver (the talent behind the decorations), and I worked on Christmas for an entire year in order to produce the material for this book. Thank heaven a little of her talent rubbed off on me, and now I can re-create many of these stunning decorations myself.

Blurbs & Reviews

“Informative (and occasionally surprising!) text accompanied by exquisite photographs of the holiday decorating style known as Colonial Williamsburg. The text is coordinated effectively with the photographs to which it refers, making this a helpful guide for those interested in recreating or adapting the patterns for their own decorations. Lists of fruits and greenery that are or are not historically valid as well as diagrams for constructing bases for fan-style and pyramid decorations are both practical and helpful. For those preferring merely to look rather than do, it’s still a lovely holiday visit to Williamsburg.” —Dot, amazon.com


“You don’t have to like Williamsburg to like this book. Decorations can be used in contemporary homes, colonial or traditional homes. Good thoughts on how traditions such as the first Christmas tree began. I am giving the book to family and friends. It makes a great Christmas present.” –Barbara, amazon.com