Rivers and Roads: Transportation in Early America

Rivers and Roads - Transportation in Early America coverReflect on these images, not only with your eyes. Hear the soft cadence of unshod hooves on packed earth, the splash of a paddle into placid water, the scrape of an iron-rimmed wheel on a sandy road. Inhale the scent of a woodland spring or a new leather saddle on a spirited steed; taste the crisp winter air after a snowfall or a mug of ale at a ferryman’s tavern. Feel the jolt of a carriage on rutted roads and the gentle canter of a placid mare. Travel back in time to colonial Virginia through the lens of noted photographer David Doody. Text by historian Mary Miley Theobald.


$19.95 hardcover 



Praise for Rivers and Roads from George Allen, former Virginia senator and governor:


The stories and pictures are wonderful. I especially like the dugout canoes, carriages, and Native Virginia Indians. David Doody and you have enhanced our understanding of history, which is kept alive  by the re-enactors’ dedication to our shared heritage. With all my admiration and best wishes, I remain, George Allen.