Nice review from a Professional Organizer

Stuff After DeathI had never heard of Professional Organizers or Move Managers until recently, but this is a growing business that seems to fill a real need. People who need help downsizing, moving into nursing homes, moving to retirement centers, coping with a hoarding relative, or handling an estate call on these people to help sort, categorize, move, sell, give away, and settle into new quarters. Anyway, one of these people, Allison Mitchell of Abundance Organizing in Charlottesville, VA, found STUFF AFTER DEATH a big help. Here’s what she wrote in her review:

“A perfect reference book for professional organizers assisting clients with inherited items. This book is also excellent for anyone who has ever inherited anything from their family! Ms. Theobald shares candidly the details of what objects are of value and determines if items are priceless based on sentiment alone. You can try to sell those valuable items that are clutter for you by lacking a personal connection and keep or pass on those family treasures that you cherish based on memories or worth. A very interesting read because of Ms. Theobald’s professional historic perspective!”