The first lecture & signing at Colonial Williamsburg went really well–such a relief! I was afraid I’d be talking in an empty theater, but there were about 75 people in the audience, mostly tourists. Because DEATH BY PETTICOAT is so inexpensive and makes such a good gift, people were buying more than one. One woman bought six! 


     Now I’m planning an experiment. My next few appearances are in book stores, both independents and chains. Usually authors just sit at a table and hope someone will come by and ask them to sign a book . . . kinda pitiful and very boring. So instead of advertising these appearances as, for example, an author signing from 1-4, we’re saying that the author will give a short talk at 1:00 and sign books afterwards until 4:00. Makes it more of an “event,” if you know what I mean. If two people show up, I’ll do the 15-minute talk; if not, I’ll just park myself behind the table and wait for people to walk past. 


     Next event? June 14 at Fountain Books in Richmond’s Shockoe Slip. Come at 6:30 for a short talk and stay for a glass of wine and more discussion. A parking deck is steps away at East Cary and Virginia Street.