View More: http://photographybynicolejohnson.pass.us/laurenjohnweddingWelcome to my online home. This is where I open the door and invite you inside to meet my literary family: my 14 nonfiction books, 4 podcasts, and 200 magazine articles (many available online here) as well as the 5 historical mysteries written by my fictional self, Mary Miley. The fourth in my Roaring Twenties series, Murder in Disguise, was released in paperback on November 1. I’ve completed the first in a new mystery series set in Chicago during my favorite decade–the 1920s–and have started the second. Hollywood has optioned the rights to The Impersonator, hoping to make it into a television series. And I am heading in a new direction this year, writing a historical novel that is not a mystery. Where can you find me? Scroll down for the list at the bottom right. 

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News & Events

Lady Dunmore Presentation

March 25, 2019

The Fort Pitt Museum (Pittsburgh, PA) sponsored a conference last weekend that focused on Lord Dunmore and his war with the Shawnee. I was invited to give a talk about Lady Dunmore–which was great fun for me since I’m working on a fictionalized biography of the countess. I met and listened to terrific speakers and learned a lot that I can use in my book.

Articles & Podcasts

Brandermill Book Snags Local Publicity

A Richmond magazine devoted a long article with many photos to my Brandermill book.

Click here to see the online version. http://richmondmagazine.com/home/uncovering-brandermill/